What makes Cotton different from Wool or Cashmere? 

  • Cotton is a natural fiber that comes from a plant.
  • Known for its softness, it does not irritate the skin like some wools and cashmeres.
  • It’s breathability keeps you cool and comfortable.
  • Cotton fibers are stronger, so your favorite sweaters can be made to last.
  • Cotton is easier to care for as it can be machine washed. 

Will cotton keep its shape? 

Cotton is a natural fiber that naturally moves with you. Just like cotton jeans, the sweater may naturally give as you wear it.  To make it fit as it did the first time you put it on, follow the care instructions and it will regain its original shape.

 (Link to Cotton 101 SECTION how to care for your sweater )


Why are your cotton sweater prices high? 

State of Cotton NYC uses Egyptian, Turkish, and Combed cotton yarns, known to be the highest quality for their luxurious softness and durability. They have been selected from the finest Italian mills, known worldwide.


Why does cotton sometimes feel heavier than wool?

Animal hair is naturally lighter than a plant fiber.  However, there are cotton qualities that can be made to feel as light as a fine wool.

Why do some colors fit differently even though it's the same style sweater? 

Every color knits differently due to how much dye the yarn needs to absorb to achieve its depth of color. We take this into consideration when knitting our sweaters to maintain the best consistent fit.

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