I started State of Cotton NYC because I wanted to wear sweaters again. 

I have always been uncomfortable in wool and cashmere sweaters. They scratched and irritated my skin and made me too hot. Even the finest fibers of the most expensive wool and cashmere would still cause irritation, not to mention start pilling after wearing once.

I longed for something comfortable, soft and breathable. I craved the comfort of a cozy sweatshirt, but the finished look of a sweater. The kind of sweater that keeps you warm without overheating. 

I turned to cotton.

Comfortable, washable and natural.

Cotton is hypoallergenic, sustainable by nature and biodegradable. 

Naturally, the next step was sourcing the absolute highest quality and most luxurious Italian spun cotton yarns. We then took classic sweater silhouettes, reimagined them, added thoughtful, uncluttered details and chose a color palette to complement every wardrobe. 

State of Cotton NYC was born. The intersection of luxury and simplicity in 100% cotton. Soft, comfortable, washable, seasonless, made to last and a perfect fit. Sweater staples for every day and every season. 

Wearing sweaters again is my luxury. 

Join me, 

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